Two Days in Yokohama

I’m currently sitting in one of my old haunts – Starbucks in Kichijoji, one of the places where my now-wife and I use to hang out when we first met!

I’ve just spent the past two days at Yokohama International School working with and getting to know a good number of their teachers as they prepare for their Connected Learning Community this coming August.

We spent a lot of time discussing blogs, Google Apps, portfolios, assessment and good teaching practice. I even managed to get involved in a few MYP discussions!

I’ll have a lot more to say on the experience over the next week or so but my fingers are currently getting numb as I sit out on the patio enjoying the blue sky (and cold wind!). Thanks again to Kim Cofino for the chance to work and learn with a great bunch of teachers. And welcome to some new teachers in my PLN, including Brian Farrell, librarian; Adam Clark, counselor; Adam Seldis, Econ and Humanities teacher.

Welcome to Learning On The Job

After 1.5 years of using edublogs to host my blog (Mr. Hamada’s Universe) I have finally taken the plunge and moved to self-hosting. Thank you to Sue Waters and the edublogs community for all their help and for introducing me to the world of blogging!

Welcome to Learning on the Job! It’s still a bit messy here so don’t mind me as I tidy up.

LotJ is a space for me to document my continued Learning Journey, both as an experienced teacher and as a new Technology Facilitator. While I would love to promise daily exciting updates, chances are it will be more like one or two times per week. I hope to bring insights into lessons and units that I co-teach/co-plan and as well as working with teachers and other adult learners. With your help I’m looking forward to challenging my own beliefs and understandings as we all continue to Learn on the Job.

Image: More Boxes by the_amanda (CC BY NC SA from Flickr)