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LotJ is a space for me to document my continued Learning Journey, both as an experienced (math) teacher and as a new Technology Facilitator. While I would love to promise daily exciting updates, chances are it will be more like one or two times per week. I hope to bring insights into lessons and units that I co-teach/co-plan and as well as working with teachers and other adult learners. With your help I’m looking forward to challenging my own beliefs and understandings as we all continue to Learn on the Job.

A bit about myself: After graduating from university, I spent one year as an ALT for the JET Program in Kawanabe, Kagoshima. I returned to Southern California and spent 4 years teaching math at my old high school. I then moved overseas and haven’t been back to the US since! Another two years in Tokyo, four more years in Tanzania and now I’ve been in Hanoi since 2006.

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