#BlogAlliance – An Idea is Formed

It started with a simple tweet:

And then:

And finally:

One of the big reasons we give to students about why we ask (make?) them blog is so that they can connect to an authentic audience. So why not give our newly blogging teachers an authentic audience as well?

The idea is to get a small number of teachers (5 – 8 is what I’m after) and lead them through the basics of blogging. At the same time, @intrepidteacher is going to do the same with his teachers and hopefully a few others (@klbeasley, @mscofino, @wmchamberlain? Anyone else?) will too. And our goal, with the Blogging Alliance, is to get these newly online teachers in contact with one another, giving them that authentic audience as well as a jumpstart to their own PLN.

Launch date is late October or early November. Are you in?

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