Dr. Michael Thompson at UNIS

Welcome to UNIS!

Dr. Michael Thompson, author of Raising Cane and It’s a Boy!, has been on campus the past few days speaking to staff and students alike. He has a fascinating expert view of children and how to best meet their needs. From his one-hour chat with the entire middle school:

The two things that are always at play in the lives of middle school students: friendship and popularity.

He then asked some students to define friendship. They went around and did a pretty good job of it. When he asked one of our teachers what her definition of friendship is, it was virtually identical. Conclusion: these middle schoolers are capable of adult friendships already.

Defining popularity was much more difficult. Nobody really seemed willing to identify or call out the traits of popularity at UNIS. I wonder why this is?

He’s talking to the high school tomorrow and also holding a special ‘Dad’s Breakfast’ tomorrow morning. I’m already clearing my schedule.

Talking to the Middle School