Thing 1 – Reflections on Lifelong Learning

Part of my school’s mission statement says, “Our mission is to encourage students to be independent, lifelong learners who strive for excellence”. With the proliferation of connectivity in general and Web 2.0 in particular, lifelong learning is more accessible and more relevant than ever.

Thing 1 is all about the 7.5 Habits of Effective Lifelong Learners.

One of these Habits is going to be easiest for me to get into: Play! My view towards most new things has always involved play. I’m a guy, and Real Guys don’t read directions! How do we learn? We play. When I sit in a new car, the first thing I do is push all the buttons to see what they do. When I get a new gizmo, I go through all the functions/buttons/menus just to see what’s “under the hood”. The same goes for a new Web 2.0 tool: I won’t know how to use it in my classroom or how to suggest that others can use it until I put it through it’s paces and find its strengths or limitations by just pushing all the buttons and seeing what they do!

Perhaps the most important habit will be to create and document my own learning toolbox. In my new role next year as Technology Facilitator, I will be responsible for helping all teachers in the Middle School/High School to create technology enriched learning experiences that leverage our 1:1 TabletPC program. I think that the tools that are highlighted here will be invaluable to that end.

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