UNIS PD Reflection pt. 2

At some point, I was recounting our in-house PD session with Jeff Utecht, inspired by my time at Learning 2.008. Day 1 (in my opinion, at least) was all about our TabletPCs and what we could do with them. (Day 2 was more about Web 2.0 and bringing that power into our classrooms, but I’m getting ahead of myself.)

My second workshop focused on my experiences using the TabletPC, combined with Cam Studio, to create screencast movies. My goals were twofold: 1) to teach others how to set up Cam Studio (for some reason, this wasn’t/isn’t part of the standard ghost image) and 2) to give teachers of all disciplines a concrete example of how and why they can use these screencasts as authentic assessment, both in the formative and summative sense of the term.

Even with the predictable technical glitches, the session went well. In the ultimate measure of success, I’ve had a few teachers coming to me for questions after the PD days, so I guess that’s something!

Here’s an example of a screencast that I’ve made to help my students:

And here’s an example of a screencast that some of my grade 8s made last year in Korean:

Ultimately, I’m trying to get my students create and upload screencasts to a wiki so that all students can use these as revision resources. I don’t want it to be about assessment or other extrinsic motivations to create and post. But I need to promote the power of the community first. I’m not sure how to do that, though…

Photo Credit: Through a Child’s Eyes by Ray Lopez

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