Another Brick in the Wall: Embedding #Office365 Docs

We are trying to truly harness the collaborative nature of Office 365 for EDU and are pushing a “one live document, no attachments!” mantra across the school. Why have multiple versions of a document and send needless attachments when we can just store our documents in O365 Groups (set up for each department) or OneDrive for Business (for every student/teacher) and share the link?!?
We also want our students and teachers to share their work and their resources with their classes and colleagues openly, transparently and as a matter of habit. This is done through our WP blogs (internally and to the world) as well as through our LMS (currently using Teamie).
HOWEVER, there is currently no way for our users to embed documents in blogs or our LMS (or anywhere, for that matter). The embed code that is generated in Groups and OneDrive for Business does not create a publicly viewable document!
Take a look at some different embed options that I have explored:

Google Drive Embed

OneDrive (Personal) Embed:

OneDrive for Business Embed:

Office365 Groups Embed:

Sway Embed (direct upload from PPT file after compressing images (20MB max file upload)


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What are our different/other options? What are possible workarounds? I’ve submitted a User Voice ticket, I’ve tweeted at @MicrosoftEDU and #MIEExperts, now I’m asking you all here.
Am I expecting something unreasonable? Should I be encouraging our students and teachers to be doing something else? I don’t want to always be the “But Google Docs does <this>!” person, but, um, Google Docs does this easily and quickly.
Thoughts and ideas appreciated!